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Guess Who? Game Retro Series 1988 Edition


Item: B9056

Ages: AGES 6+

It's the Guess Who? game...1980s style! Back in the 1980s, kids around the world sat down to play this classic mystery face game. Each player chooses a mystery character and then using yes or no questions, they try to figure out the other players Mystery Person. In this Retro edition, all the classic characters are back, including rosy-cheeked Bill, big-nosed Bernard, and beret-wearing Maria! With packaging, game pieces, and character cards based on the 1988 edition, a whole new generation can play the Guess Who? game that adults fell in love with as kids.

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Includes 2 plastic gameboards, 24 mystery cards, 48 face cards, 20 scoring pegs, 8 rubber feet, and instructions.

" Retro edition of the Guess Who? game inspired by the 1988 version
" Features classic characters and game pieces
" Players try to guess each other's Mystery Person
" Beloved game adults remember from childhood

" Ages 6 years and up
" For 2 players
" Adult assembly required.