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Cranium Junior Game


Item: B2136

Ages: AGES 5+

Show off your many talents in this kid-tastic Cranium Junior game! You’ll have to pull out all your acting, puzzling, sketching and code-cracking skills to win this brain-teasing good time. This version of the Cranium game includes 60 cards with 4 color-coded activities for kids to shine in every round. The deluxe Decoder Goggles reveal the hidden answers! Spell, puzzle, act, hum or just guess your way to victory in a game that’s outrageous, whole-brain fun for the whole family!

Includes gameboard, 4 tokens, 1 tub of Cranium Clay, 5 plastic sculpting accessories, 60 cards, 1 sand timer and game guide.

• Cranium Junior game challenges you to act, puzzle, draw or codebreak to win points
• Game includes 60 cards
• Play in 4 color-coded activities
• Includes 1 tub of Cranium Clay and plastic sculpting accessories
• Every challenge you complete gives you a chance to move on the board

Ages 7 and up

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